Thursday, August 6, 2009

Behind schedule

Big surprise, right? With how much I keep up this blog, its not really surprising that writing is slow-going at best. The thing is, I know this short story I'm working on will be great if I can just get it all out! It feels like a good, unique story. Unique stories are hard to come by. Most ideas are recycled in some way or another. Think about how many times/ways Romeo and Juliette has been done!

One thing I notice when I write Sci-Fi is that I feel ever so slightly out of my element. It feels more like faking it (see the previous post for quote on "faking it"). I also worry that I'll be writing about something that I only have minimal knowledge of. Certain scientific aspects of a story need to be real. If you base a whole Sci-Fi story on a theory, you want the theory to be believable. The more believable and based in fact, the better the story has the ability to be.

Well, hopefully I will finish this story THIS week so that next week I can return to my baby and see if I can make it grow some. Okay, not MAKE it along. 8)


  1. Hang in there, Kiddo. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Writing is a creative process, not a means to an end. You've got it in you to make it the best it can be, when you're ready. Be thankful you don't have partners and an agent stifling your creativity, and hounding you about deadlines, both impending and gone by :P

  2. Hey, I think I'm that person who's been stifling your creativity and hounding you about deadlines, aren't I? LOL.