Friday, February 19, 2010

Shamed into posting...

Don't you just hate it when a friend starts a blog and it reminds you that you have a blog just sitting there without new posts? Yeah...

I can say I've written, though. Two days ago, in fact. And no, I'm not talking about a letter (do those still exist?!?), email or shopping list. Part of a story. Indeed! The short story I started last August, in fact. I remembered that one of the contests that I enter on an almost-quarterly basis was coming to deadline and thought I might want to send out a fresh piece of work! I didn't pull out the story as I had already written but instead chose a scene that had been playing in mind and sat down to put pen to paper. Okay, no pen because I would then have to rewrite it in an electronic format for filing, printing, posting and sending. That's just an extra step that really slows me down. I wish I was old-school enough to be able to tolerate hand writing ANYTHING, but it just doesn't work for me. My brain does not allow me to write quickly enough to keep up with the story via pen and paper.

Anyways, I do feel I progressed a bit. I want to get some (dreaded) school work done this evening, but I'm hoping when I'm done to have a numb enough brain to prevent thought from impeding the writing process. I've posted before that I don't believe in writer's block, but I do believe we can think ourselves into a writer's block type situation. It is like so many things in life: You cannot force yourself to be creative. You can force yourself to take the time to allow for your creative thought to process, but you cannot force the perfect story, painting or whatnot. So, I must wait for blurry thoughts. Perhaps I should just have a glass of wine? Lol


  1. It does. So does chocolate which has a nagging habit of forcing me to increase my physical activity. So...back to wine then! Wine good.