Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer heat

...fries my brain. Man, could I just live in an area where it tops out at like 70 degrees?

Over 7 months since my last post. Not like anyone reads this but me, right? Nice way to have a diary. 8)

Well, my college course in Astronomy has, thankfully, given me a new idea for a story. Sci-fi, go figure. I'm hoping to get it burned onto my external within a week or so, let it rest for a few days and work on the novel before coming back to rip into editing. Sci-fi is generally not my thing, so its already seeming like work. Its happy work though, like when I mentally complain about pulling weeds or putting down mulch or making dinner. Its all stuff I secretly enjoy (or at least enjoy the end result), but yet I complain silently to myself. No use in complaining to someone else. What are they going to say, "Don't do it"? Riiiight. Why complain when you can still get joy from something? So, a fabulous new short story that I can send off for submission (and my Astronomy teacher did say I could email with questions if I needed! Yay!). I can't wait for some new blood for ink.

I'm lazy though. This is the first real break I've had since Christmas break from school. I've read a book, and would be reading another if I had the third in the series which I need to wait for payday to acquire. I've done a bit in the garden, but not much. A couple of new plants, some research for my "winter" garden...really not much. I do get to go to a concert on Tuesday and I've started the short story. Not awful, all things considered. Perhaps I will get a few more blog entries done as well. I would like to share progress after all...I need the extra motivation. I can't blog about no progress, now can I? 8)

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