Monday, January 12, 2009

A new year...a new set of problems.


But, my main character is getting some whole new experiences it seems and I'm not sure I like this new side. Do you ever feel like you torture your characters a little too much?

I need my character to grow as a person, but I wonder if it always has to be so painful? Granted, mistakes and misfortune are how we learn, correct? But sometimes I just feel like that's all I'm writing about! I don't know that I can ever find a happy ending. Okay, I'm not big on happy endings in all honesty, but a conclusion is necessary and you cannot do that if your character doesn't overcome some big obstacle. I guess I'm worried I'm giving her too many obstacles. Is that possible? Maybe its time I sit down and sketch out more of an outline. I have some aspects in mind for what hasn't been fleshed out but my goals just aren't being reached correctly. I'm starting to feel like I'm chasing my tail here. Frustrating.

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  1. The best stories are the ones that tell themselves and we as writers are only interperting their experiences... anything else to me is strained and struggles to flow... some characters need more obsticles than others to develop others need less... i am not even close to working to the degree that you are, my stuff is all shorts... but i work to make my characters as real to my readers as they are to me... they fail at things and they succeed the life life in all its inperfections... nothing is cookie cutter and tied up with a neat bow in life, so how can we do it in our writing... i would rather have an honest story that i care about the characters than one that fits in a neat little box... but that is just my opinion
    thank you for sharing your struggles with your craft as the story is about the writer as much as it is about the world they create :)