Thursday, April 3, 2008

Now, where is that ink cartridge?

So, the economy sucks. Have you noticed? Ha! Anyhow...I decided that I need to dust off some of my older stories and start mailing some out again (P.S. If anyone has a suggestion for a mag that's taking Fantasy or Sci-Fi stories that I might not have tried, please email it!!!!). Any little bit of extra money (whatever extra money is) would be nice. I can only hope that someone, somewhere will like reading something I send out and I might not have to add to my stack of form-letter rejections. Sad that I'm excited at the thought of $100 more than I have. Ah, times are tough. Maybe I'll just have to print all of the "complete" stories I have and mail them all out. I know there has to be at least that many magazines or web zines out there that take my genre! Right?

Again, post or email if any of you know something I don't (not a difficult thing to accomplish). Otherwise, send me happy thoughts!

1 comment:

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