Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wolfsbane, henbane, writer's bane?

Nothing cripples a writer faster than not feeling a kinship/having knowledge of, their characters. There is no quicker death to a story than the lack of a character that, in some way, makes his or herself memorable to the audience.

I fight with my character development. I think I've already stated that. It is a bane to any writer not to have good characters. I try to control it by keeping separate files of thoughts and beliefs about my characters as well as rough sketches of what they look like, what drives them, etc.

I gotta tell you, it can be difficult. I don't always know right away what drives a specific character. Why do they dislike this person? What makes this one so happy? What makes this other so angry? But, its a handy tool that I've slowly come to find is indispensable as far as a novel goes. Not only do I have a separate area to speculate on my character's role in the store, it keeps a running record of various physical attributes. Sometimes, when you get deep into a novel that has several significant characters, it isn't always easy to remember this one's height or that one's eye color. You wouldn't think so, but its true. I get so enmeshed in the story that those little details leave my brain. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm attempting to write two books at once, either.

I don't think the children's novel is going to be too long. That's good, though, I think. Who wants a "War and Peace" of children's novels? I think that it will be a short area of adventures for my character, but hopefully complete, just the same. I hate a rush job.

And, is anyone out there? Can I get a "hey" or "booyah" or something? Sheesh people. If I want to just talk to myself, I can do that without keeping physical evidence of my lack of sanity! 8)


  1. I'm here!!! Even if I don't know jack about writing - I know that anything that we are passionate about comes with some struggle and frustration! The key is to work through it, minute by minute, day by day..oh you get the drift:)

  2. Of course. And thanks for the encouragement. You're such a life coach. 8)