Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm awake...really

So, lack of sleep has somehow led me to a world lacking in concentration. Weeee. I would do better if I could just figure out where the "off" button is on that little "mama" alarm clock.

They say, "Life imitates art." Sometimes I think it is more the other way around. Writing is derived from so many personal feelings, ideas and experiences that how can "art" not be an imitation of life?

Now and then I write down a bit of dialogue or a random bit of description that comes to me. If I'm away from the computer, it becomes a post-it. If I'm at the computer, it gets saved in a misc file. Does anyone else do that? Do you just put random thoughts an musings down to explore or use later? If not, maybe you should. Stay with me here...

My dad used to say that he would come up with neat inventions that would make him rich if he would just remember to write them down or create them. Don't we all have that capability? What if one of these random thoughts leads us to a renewable energy source or a cure for a deficiency or disease? Random scribblings and thoughts are best kept warm, I say.

Okay, now where is my bed...

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