Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When possible, recycle

I decided that I would continue a previously-began story to mail out (hopefully) by the end of this month. I had a specific one in mind to work on, but then I ran across another that I remember less, but sounds fun just the same. So great...now I have to choose.

I'm also thinking I should go ahead and read a bit more in the contest I submit to. I'm ashamed to say that, despite how many times I've submitted, I have yet to read one of the anthologies that comes out from the contest. Know your enemy! Okay, its not an enemy, but I should know what draws the judges, shouldn't I?

Now, I say that, but I don't mean that I will write to suit. At least, not completely. I hate that. I write for me more than anything and the thought that I would revamp my stories to suit what I think someone might want is repugnant to me. Yes, you should know your audience. But to me, that just means making your choice on what to submit to that audience, not writing to suit. In other words, if I feel that the story I'm writing (or any of my writing) falls under what has previously been accepted, that will work just fine. I will not sit down and force myself to write something specifically tuned to their selections. Happenstance, good; Forced, bad.

I need a bit of inspiration mixed with motivation. Someone load up those storm clouds for me and turn down the heat, will ya?

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