Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A gathering of friends

I've gotten almost no work done today. I've basically used my time revisiting each of my current works to make sure I am still in touch. Its like when you start reading a book; if you put it down for too long, you just have to start over. So, if it weren't so late, I would be having coffee with three very close friends of mine. 8)

I looked over my favorite rejection contest's anthology a bit on my lunch break. I have to say that, upon review, the odds are stacked against me. What chance do my little fantasy stories have against such a huge wave of Sci-Fi? I'm not giving up, though. Don't misconceive my previous comment. Its disheartening, but not defeating. The only thing that can defeat me is me.

Okay, time to take a few more peeks at my friends and then off to bed. Wish me sleep, huh?

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