Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saved by a lunch break!

For two days now I've been having a hard time talking myself into writing. In fact, before today, I did no writing (unless you count very minor editing). At lunch today, however, I managed several pages on the short story. I think if I can manage a block of time this weekend or so, I may actually finish the story and will have the next week for editing. Anyone wanna read something new and critique? lol

I think my break from the novels (that I've decided will end NLT Sunday) has been good for me. I haven't closed my mind to either story, but I think when I sit down fresh and without the added pressure of needing a new short story to send out, I will crank out some good stuff. I also have a feeling I won't be on break from the novels-in-progress until Sunday. Usually, when I have a chance to actually relax and de-stress, new ideas come into my mind. Most of the sudden inspiration has come to me when I'm in a relaxed and almost meditative state. Now, if I could just actually meditate.... But, I am going off track...kind of. Basically, when I'm rocking my daughter to relax her and I have those wonderful moments of quiet solitude to relax, enjoy the moment and let my mind drift, that's when ideas or scenes or dialogue find me. I have no doubt I'll have another of those moments pop up when my mind is done working through other issues like it has been as of late. Sometime this week, the daily stresses and worries will have become less and my mind will drift. I know it. I look forward to it. I welcome the chance to re-tune myself. 8)

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