Friday, September 14, 2007

Come to the dark side!

I'm stepping on in my short story and enjoying it. Maybe I did just need a break from my others? I'm not ignoring them, though. I don't want to lose touch. I don't want to lose familiarity. But, this is nice.

I've been writing a bit dark and its a nice change. No hopeful, "I must save the world!" undertone. Dark, bleak, hunger, pain, violence and I'm not sure. I do know where this is going. I do understand what the main idea that is ensconced in the conclusion is. I'm just looking at the path. I'm looking at how I'm going to get there and enjoying the trip. It's bleak, but its very freeing. Its like I get to reach in for a moment and pull out all the worry and stress and darkness and slap it on paper. Fun!

Maybe sometime I can write something all sarcastic and crazy. I love the thought that one character, one time, is going to be obnoxiously lovable. How cool is that? Heaven knows I have the obnoxious part down on my own! I guess I can work on the other. ;)

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