Friday, August 31, 2007

Yay 200!!!

I broke 200 pages on my novel-in-progress tonight. Yay me! It has been going a bit slower as of late. Yes, I still blame my computer isssues instead of taking full responsiblity for my lack of motivation, so neener.

Did I tell you I'm taking another class this coming month? Yep, I did pick one. I just looked and I don't see my having mentioned this previously, but I didn't go back too far. Sorry if I'm in repeat mode, but its what's on my mind.

I can't wait to do another class. Maybe I can kick things up a notch! I think just entering the month of September should motivate me a bit more, though. Something about Fall just gets me going. Maybe its the old excitement that I felt about starting a new school year. Yep, I was one of those. I can't help but feel a tiny thrill at the fresh start. Not so much the fresh start with people, that didn't always matter to me too much. More, it was the fresh start to find a new, "Aha!" moment. I live for those. That little click inside your brain when something finally makes sense and you know you will have it right from that moment forward. Or at least until your brain data-dumps it for something more important like the theme song of a children's television show that your kid has fallen in love with or perhaps a grocery list. Weee. What was I talking about, now? ;)

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