Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday Entry

And here's Wednesday's entry. 8)

Wednesday 28 August 2007

Oh blogger, where for art thou?

I really miss posting stuff to my blog. It’s a silly thing, but I feel like I’ve lost contact with a friend in a lot of ways. Yes, I have this here (currently stored to my computer prior to future post), but its not the same. I like putting my thoughts down, and hitting the “Publish” button. Then I like clicking on the link to view my blog and seeing how it looks. It’s a simple pleasure, but its mine.

My calendar tells me that the end of next month is the next “Writer’s of the Future” contest deadline. I haven’t had any new ideas for a short story, though. I’ve been pretty wrapped up in both of the books I’m trying to write. I would like to send something though. Maybe something will sneak up on me in the next week or so. I would like to have an idea that I can shape by the first week of September so I have plenty of time to write and edit. Maybe I’ll have to go dig around in my bag of tricks and see what ideas I’ve filed for later exploration. Might be fun. Ciao!

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