Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tuesday Entry

Sorry folks, my Internet connection on this computer has been down since Friday. I'm going to put a few posts up that I saved. I was going through withdrawal by Saturday, but I kept a vain hope that things would start working. *sigh* So stubborn. Okay, enough with my whining...or at least my whining about anything other than writing. 8)

Tuesday 27 August 2007

Well, computer issues have prevented me from blogging. I don’t know when I’ll play catch up, but hopefully soon. I decided after four full days of not blogging, I would write supplemental and save them for later posting.

I’ve missed this. Blogging on a daily basis (except usually on Fridays) is pretty good therapy for me. I get to vent, I get to think, I get to play with pictures I have! Wee! What’s not to like?

Writing hasn’t been bad. You would think I would be getting even more done since I can’t access the Internet on my computer, but no. The fact that I can’t access it when I want to is extremely distracting for me, for some reason. Another obscure quote for you, then….Jeanine Garafolo as Marcie in The Matchmaker: “I just feel so disconnected. I can’t use my cell phone or my pager and my computer is useless here…I long to fax someone!” That’s me…minus the fax thing. But, you get the general idea.

Okay, off to do something else productive, like eat chocolate. 8)

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