Thursday, August 2, 2007

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

I other words, get your bum in gear!

I have to say thank you, again, to Barbara. She mentioned a book on her blog called, "This Year you write your Novel" by Walter Mosley. I managed to read about twenty pages this morning and his advice is really good. I have to say I don't think I'll be able to write as much per day as he recommends, but I do agree with the "daily" aspect of it all.

Honestly, I'm happy to take any advice that motivates me. And the thought that I could easily have a novel done by this time next year is pretty good motivation.

He mentions losing your restraints in the book. It never really occurred to me that I might be restrained, but I know he's right. We all shut down those bad thoughts, ideas, etc. But, when you're writing, you need to let them lose a bit without worrying about odd bits of repercussion. One in specific that he spoke of, really hit home. He was talking about a fictional fight between an author and her mother (no, mommy, this isn't about you) and how the author started off writing all the bad thoughts that were in her head about her. Part way into this, she feels guilty and either deletes it or lets the idea die. I've done that. Not specifically my mom, but representations of people in my life in stories. I didn't want someone to see them self in the story and then think that I feel all these horrible things about them or think they would do bad things. Mosley points out that, by the time you finish the piece, the character that started out as a friend or loved one may have morphed into someone completely new. He also states that no one you care about should allow themselves to become hateful about what you've written and that they should understand that fiction is...well....fiction.

That said, my darling friends and family, I will add: No matter the resemblance, action, dialogue, thoughts, memories, age, etc....that character is NOT you. It's not. I'm sorry. Move on, please. 8)

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