Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A new friend is just an old friend you haven't met yet!

This new story is really neat. I'm not far in, but I'm enjoying myself. I've made a little bit of progress though I'm only at the very beginning, but I look forward to getting acquainted with this new voice.

That's how I see stories, you know. I see them as separate little voices floating around in my head waiting to tell me their stories. Then, the voice speaks and gives me a nudge in the direction they want to go. I don't see myself so much as a writer, but more a companion on a journey. Some voice starts out whispering to me and by the end we're singing songs together like a couple of old, drunk sailors (without the rude lyrics!).

Well, time to get a cup of coffee and spend some time with a new/old friend. Feel free to join us!

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