Sunday, August 12, 2007

No rest for the wicked.

Naps generally don't happen for me. I've really never been much of a napper anyways. Even when I had my daughter and everyone kept saying, "Sleep when she sleeps!", it didn't happen. Or when I would do night shifts? Sleep during the day was extremely limited.

Sometimes, I want to nap though. (Hang on, I am getting to my point!) For example, I will rock my little one for a bit and get all comfortable with her and the thought of just drifting off is sooooooo good. Then...BLAM...dialogue. I am suddenly smacked awake with paragraphs of dialogue running through my head. Where there was a trickle is now a raging river. I am suddenly very much awake and wishing my wonderful little monster would be asleep enough that I can put her down and sprint to my computer before I lose it. Today was such a day.

I did have my coffee shop writing escapade this morning, but it just didn't do it for me. I wrote this part where a character of mine takes a rest and I wanted to nap despite having two peppermint mochas. I came home, fed two of my loved ones and myself, went to read, rock and put the little one down and I get mentally slapped around. I love when it happens, don't get me wrong. It just seems to occur the most when I'm finally going to get a few moments to relax. Right before bed is a great time. A hot shower? Get ready to cut it short!

I sound like I'm complaining, don't I? I am, but I'm not. Who doesn't love those amazing moments when a puzzle piece you've been wrestling with falls into place or a new idea comes to life and does a happy dance in your head? I LOVE it. And who knows, maybe after I get some of these ideas down, someday, I'll get to rest. Right.

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