Thursday, August 9, 2007

I am only a writer...if you prick me, do I not bleed ink?

I am in the zone. The novel is flying! When I sit down to write, I feel that I could easily keep going and going and going! Yay Energizer!!! They must be the makers of the coffee I've been drinking.

I feel like a writer. I feel right. This is how we all should feel. Yes, that means you. Every single person should have moments on a semi-regular basis in which they are doing something that makes them feel so good and feels so right! When we enter our dreams, that is not death, but life. Life, energized. Life realized!

For all of you out there that know me well, remind me that I said this if I ever become overly disheartened or feel like giving up on writing: This is where I belong. I know it. There is no question when the words come so easy. There will be hard, rough days. That's okay because I need to make it through those days to find ones like this. Or ones like my Sunday morning coffee house stops. Or ones where I'm sitting somewhere and a sudden idea strikes like a stroke! This is where I belong. This is my niche. Whether I ever become famous or successful or whatever, this makes me happy.

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