Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A class of its own...

Both works are going fine, it seems. I am looking at taking a few more classes though. I just love the structure and the off chance that I may have an "Aha!" moment. But what class(es)?

I wish they offered a class on character development, but no such luck. A workshop, yes...but that's not until November. So, I'm looking at Children's books, Novel writing and Science Fiction. Yes, I know I don't write Science Fiction, but they don't have a Fantasy class, so I need to take Sci-Fi for the similar writing elements.

Children's books would be helpful if they do all age groups. Mine is leaning between intermediates and young adult fiction. If its a class based solely on young children, that won't do me any good. The course description does not specify an age group, but you would think one class for all ages would be a tad thin.

Novel writing might give me a bit of what I need as far as character development. There is definitely a difference in how you need to outline your characters between short stories and that of a novel! I also like thinking there might be some little extra aspect in there that might spur me on a bit more. I'm not doing too badly (this blog is helping!), but any extra to keep me out of the blahs is good!

Science Fiction is one I've wanted to take for a while. Again, I wish they had Fantasy, but...oh well. I would love to be in an environment where there are others that have a similar focus. There's also that camaraderie that you only get within your genre. Like, "Hey! You're odd just like me, aren't you?" *grin*

I would love to take them all....and maybe someday...but stuff like this isn't free. I always feel a little guilty spending on myself despite possible future benefits. And you know, that lottery just hasn't come through for me yet....8)


  1. Classes are a funny thing. No matter what your expectations, after the class is done, there is always something that could have been done differently or was left out all together. Whichever choice you make as to the class to take, there will be elements from the other you wish you had in the one you are sitting through. I suppose my opinion is this...

    No single class is going to give you everything you want and need. If there is a way to contact the instructor before signing up to get their ideas for the class, that would allow you to gauge your choices with a more informed view. I would try that first. But, if that is a bust or you can't get their contact information, I would suggest going with the one most unlike what you are writing about. It sounds to me from what I read in your writing that you were already leaning toward one...I say go opposite. I'm such a kid at heart.

  2. Pain in the butt more like....8P

    Thanks for the thoughts, though. lol I will be taking some of that advice. How much? Hmm...