Sunday, July 29, 2007

You are so full

I had my first session of work at a coffee shop today. No, I didn't take up a part-time job. My dear husband said he would watch the little one (the big kid is at her mother's for the weekend) so I could escape for a bit of writing.

It was fabulous. I had two mochas (hours later, I think I'm still buzzing a little) and got eight times the amount of work done than I usually do! It was so amazing! The girl behind the counter was looking at me funny when I wandered in with my laptop (though, its not uncommon to see people working at a laptop at any given cafe). I could hear her mind going, "I wonder what she's going to work on and if she's famous?" It would be the same sort of thought that would go through my mind, were I in her position. Of course, by the time I left, there were two others working at laptops in this tiny independent cafe and it made me smile. For all I know, they could have been playing spider solitaire, but it didn't matter.

More than anything though, I'm just high (not just on caffeine) but on how much I got done! I asked my wonderful hubby if he would mind ever so much repeating the experience for me once a week, if possible. He laughed at me. He seemed to find it funny that I would even need to ask. Gotta love that. Today is a day that I count how great my life is for so many reasons. Hmm, I wonder if there's any more coffee...?

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