Monday, July 9, 2007

Exercise in....thought?

So, in case any of you wondered, exercise is conducive to creative thought and problem solving.

Today, I actually had some time to exercise. Amazing, right? Anyhoo... My older daughter (step, yes, but still my daughter) had swim lessons today and for the next two weeks. This activity gave me the opportunity to put my little monkey in with other kids her age and my big monkey in the pool so I could pray to the stair stepper gods. Fun.

I found myself without cd player and too far away from the televisions to catch the news. I decided it would be a good time to space out and puzzle through some of the issues I've been having in my writing. I tried to dissect my main characters and figure out why one of them is so much more likable and understandable. I was able to do a mental list to figure why I liked one character and felt completely unfamiliar with the other. I had decided, after hashing it out on a previous post, that the character I was having a hard time with would be better shelved for a bit while I concentrate on the aspect of the novel that I'm doing alright with. Sort of like in a test; you answer the questions you know and come back to the ones you aren't sure of. I think that I'm going to need to do massive revision to fix my issues with one of the characters, but that's okay. At least I figured out why her personality wasn't coming across! Twenty minutes of stepper has more benefits than I thought!

Okay, well with naptime at the zoo, comes immersion in my own little world. See you when the clouds clear. 8)


  1. I like your blog, Charity. Good luck with your writing! Vicky

  2. Thanks Vicky! Thanks for checking it out. 8)