Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Desperately seeking...words.

There's nothing that can slow down a good flow of words like a lack of the right word. My fingers will be a swarm of bees buzzing and flying, doing their work when all productivity is stopped. An early frost comes, bringing on a hibernation of free thought. What word? What word! What word?

Various sounds and forms fly through my head flickering like lightening bugs. Yes? No. Yes? No. Is that a real word? Did I make that up? Let me pause and look it up... and then something happens and I get pulled from what I'm doing. Is it better to just throw some random word in there and hope that later you can come back and fix it? That pause in flow is a killer! Life creeps in and you get stuck. I absolutely cringe at the pause. I try to hammer out a word as fast as I can so I can keep moving. Its like that one word dams up the whole river. And people wonder why I subscribe to word of the day type emails or challenge my mind whenever I can in any way that will expand my vocabulary or spark my memory. Now, you know.


  1. Oh no, I vote for throwing in a close word and move along. If you don't, you lose momentum. Of course I try to put the word in caps surrounded by asterisks so I catch it when I review and know to change it.

    This works great unless (before you get to review it) the draft goes to your editor who just passes it on in good faith!!! Sheesh.

  2. Yeah, gotta love that.

    An editor, huh? I should try that....8)