Thursday, July 12, 2007

Attack of the blahs

Heat melts your brain. I know it! Virginia heat has sure been melting mine. I feel like I'm trying to think through the syrup in a hot fudge sundae. Mmm, fudge...focus!

I suppose it doesn't help that my mind has been elsewhere as of late. Birthdays, family stuff and not to mention the impending arrival of my darling husband next weekend (YAY!!!!!). That mixed with 90+ weather (and heat indexes over 100) and its no wonder I can't think or concentrate or....what was I saying? ;)

Tonight I work on the short story that sprang to life while taking the writing course at Gotham. My husband and I called it the "Get your head out of your ___, and write" class. I think it was an apt description and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The story was completed and submitted, but in lieu of the comments I received, I'm working on editing.

The only problem I hit is that, though this is my voice in some form, I'm having a hard time sliding into the mindset of this story. It's like trying to replay a dream that you had weeks ago so that you can find some minute details that you missed. The comments I have from class on the portion I posted are a big help. I am a little sad that I already submitted this. Maybe, if I can find more in this editorial process, I will resubmit it if it is rejected. Rejection is not a happy thought, but options most definitely are. 8)

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