Monday, July 16, 2007

All that fighting and I didn't lose any weight?!?

So, I did write the start of a fight scene. I guess at some point it will have to happen with one of my characters. Nothing is ever absolute, of course, but it felt pretty good when I was writing it. Too bad I can't burn calories vicariously!

So, I have to post a link to this article on Yahoo.
I read this and it made me feel ill. Do you know, every single moment I take for myself while my children are awake makes me feel guilty. I cannot believe that ANYONE could do that to a child or children. I will also admit that I have been a player to online gaming in the past and probably in the future, but I have always known when to say no. I won't say it wasn't addictive: It was. But, talking to my girls or playing a game or watching a movie with them is so much more so. Even my writing time is tempered. It would be easy for me to slide into my make-believe worlds and leave this world behind for long periods of time, but I couldn't and I can't imagine someone that could.

Some days, a blog entry or story sits on my screen for hours. I start it when my youngest is napping and my eldest is eating, but one or the other ends up needing/wanting me for something and here the blog/story sits. Bits and pieces get added (blog only) as my young one creates a new world for her Weebles or my eldest watches the same movie for the 100th time, but it sits. My priorities are clear. Despite my need to write, and it is a very great need, my life is my family.

I know this isn't my normal sort of entry, but I feel that it does fall in the category of what my blog is about. If I have any addiction, it is writing. And sometimes I do worry that I may be taking away from those who need me in pursuit of it. Then, I look at my screen and see that I've been writing this entry for three hours and I know that I have a greater addiction than writing. And without this other addiction, I could not appreciate what my life is enough to be free to write.

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