Monday, June 15, 2015

And a Year is gone...

I can't believe how lax I have been on writing here.  I know I have stuff going on, but sheesh!

Events first? Okay...
My second book was published in September. It was my first run at YA and I really enjoyed it. All action, all powerful, a teeeeeeeeny bit of snark. ;) Who can live without snark, after all?

My first year of teaching is now over.  I taught an amazing bunch of seniors this year and I was sad to see my time with them end.  They graduated two days ago and I can't believe I'm never going to see them again.  It was harder than I thought it would be.

Comicon virginity popped last month. I had a table at the Tidewater ComiCon in Virginia Beach.  It was amazing.  I met so many new people, got to spread the word about my books, hired my first minion...the works.  It really just pushed me forward about to....

Loki 2! I'm working on it now. Well, not right now, but now. No, like...well, in current time that is not specified to the very moment I'm typing this. Yeah.

RavenCon is on the agenda for next year. I have already put in for a table and have applied to be a guest. I am officially in love with Cons. And the people who run them. And meeting potential readers.

New job in the Fall.  I am switching from the school I was at this year to another one district over.  I see more opportunities for me in the new job and can put my youngest into a better school system. Win all around there except for the "out of zone" tuition. Yikes!

Okay, to the writing then. I was really busy this year, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to my writing. Procrastination is my middle name. I think, "Oh, I could write a bit..." and then I play a game on the computer or check what's on television. I have many days of opportunity ahead of me and just as many behind me that are lost. I choose not to dwell, but I want to learn from my mistakes and push forward.

I have given myself a deadline of August for the second book. Can I get it done by then? Heck yeah. I can write until my fingers fall off and then slog through the editing process prior to paying a professional to check my work. I could have the rough draft done by the end of this month. I should change that could to a will. I am ready to move on. After book 2 here, I can work on my next in the series for my YA. I'm so ready...

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