Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Something New...WIPpet good!

It's Wednesday.  No, seriously. The writing group I've joined does something special on Wednesdays called WIPpet Wednesday. WIPpet Wednesday is when we share a snippet of a work in progress that relates to the date somehow. For example: for today's date, I could choose to start with Chapter 7, page/paragraph/line 16.  I don't want to give too much away from what I'm working on, so I have to choose carefully.  No matter what, you get a sneak peek!  How great is that???


Okay, I'm settling on an early section from "Loki" book 2. I went with the current page 16, 7th line.  I hope you enjoy it!

“What kind of information?” he asked.  I could hear the scrape of a pen on paper as he wrote it down.
“Damned if I know,” I told him.  “I do know that she’s a smart cookie with a couple of degrees in some sciency stuff and it might have something to do with that.  She said her boyfriend only had her start running errands for him after he found out about her smarts.”
“Hmm,” Martin mumbled into the phone.  It was a simple sound that, with the speakers in the car bouncing it around, sent goose bumps running across my arms and the back of my head. His voice was sometimes a power unto itself.  It was a tangible thing as though instead of just hearing him, I could feel his hands going up the back of my neck and into my hair.
“Well, we’ll take a look at Congressman Butts’ dealings and see if we can find something to connect the dots to,” Martin sighed into the phone and I swooned a little with my girlie parts singing the hallelujah choir.  I immediately pictured a half-naked Martin curled up with his arms wrapped around me, my fingers tracing his tattoos and nuzzling his neck as he made sexy little man sounds. Traitorous hormones.
“Whatever,” I snapped and disconnected.  It was interesting how language had evolved to a point where a nonchalant word like “whatever” could now be said in a way that basically meant “fuck you”.
I drove home and thought about the whole Martin thing.  When I had almost given my mortal life to protect him and the area from being taken over by an egotistical destroyer goddess, I had woken to find the warm gaze and gentle touch of Richard Martin.
We had tried dating; fooled around a few times… it had been nice. He knew who and what I was, but it hadn’t mattered.  He found me funny and hot and I liked that about him.
Seriously, it had been one of the few relationships I had really been into.  Martin was funny, intelligent, and super-spicy hot. He also appeared to be wholly immune to any of my godling abilities.  I had thought him a null when we first met because he seemed immune but realized later that he couldn’t be when he had had his memories of Pandora, the goddess-ruled mock business, completely wiped away.
That didn’t stop him from thinking the worst of me after knowing about my powers.


  1. I love this because it's true: "It was interesting how language had evolved to a point where a nonchalant word like 'whatever' could now be said in a way that basically meant 'fuck you'." LOL!

    Nice hints of steaminess here, too. :)

  2. nice conflicting emotions going on here! It's great out that is portrayed.

  3. I love this whole piece. Your description of the reaction brought on by a simple "Mmm" -- excellent. And this, "a couple of degrees in some sciency stuff " had me snorting out loud. I love the word 'stuff', it's so all-inclusive. ;)

  4. Oh, and can I just say, the picture of it a gyrfalcon?...on your sidebar is gorgeous.

  5. Nice transitions between feelings here. And I'm with Amy (and you) on "Whatever."