Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This past year has been hectic. I'm sure you all know how that is. I will sum it up this way:
1. Completion of Novel 1
2. Completion of Novel 2
3. Partial completion of Novel 3
4. Completion of Associates degree
5. Queries sent out for Novels 1 & 2 (both are similar genre but completely different stories)

1. As of yet, no publication of any of my works.
2. No real writing done in the past month other than school work
3. Getting more and more in need of some sort of paying job

I love being a full-time student. I love having time to be able to participate in my daughter's school events and schedule weekend group meetings for the writer's group. I just get frustrated with the lack of upward mobility as far as my professional writing life is concerned.

My husband is wonderful. When I get frustrated about writing, he says, "But you love it, right?" Of course I do! "Then that's the most important thing." Yeah, I'm lucky.

Well, Fall semester is almost over and I will have the next month to celebrate the holidays and work on stuff for me. Writing! Exercise! Queries! Yes!

Oh and, a dollar sign is the cheesiest.

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