Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fingers, don't fail me now!

I think you'll hear me often say (or see me write, as it were) that I do love writing. Sometime it's an assurance, others it's more motivation, as if I'm working to reassure myself. I suppose that's not uncommon, really.

I did write a bit last night. As usual, I found a moment of zen while doing my nightly routine with my daughter. I think that point of the night is the only time (other than just before I fall asleep) where my brain is quiet enough to allow any hiding ideas to step forward.

I also had another idea for an intermediate/YA fiction novel a few nights ago that I wrote down last night. Sometimes I'm not sure how to manage the stray ideas that sneak in while I'm working on something else. I can't shut them out. Some of the ideas feel like good ones, but ideas seem to have a sort of expiration date. If you don't flesh them out in a certain amount of time, they seem to fade away like a flower losing its bloom. I hate the thought of wasting any idea, but I can't just stop one project and dive into another or I would lose the drive behind the first story. I guess all I can do is what I've been doing: work on my current story and flesh out whatever ideas for other stories that come to me to go back to later. Opinions and ideas are always welcome, guys. 8)

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