Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You look familiar...have we met?

Why do I feel like my story is some kind of stranger to me? I know it, I do. I just...can't find my place. I can't find my groove. Do you think they'll make a movie for me to get my groove back? hahaha Sorry...I digress...

The last few writing attempts have been okay because I started in a different spot (more or less) than where I left off. Tonight, I couldn't even really do that. I sat down and just stared for a bit. I felt like a failure because I couldn't dive right in (and continue to have the acrid taste of defeat in my mouth) and then sucked it up and grabbed a section to work on. I did this change of POV (point of view) activity in my last writing class that I feel has become more and more of a good idea. I'm not changing the whole book's POV, mind. I am going to add sections that an alternate POV is used to tell about happenings that wend on long before the current day of the novel.

I did write. I just feel like...I feel like I had to sit down and take a Geometry test without having any idea what section of the book or even what book I was supposed to (and didn't) study from. Out of sorts. Lost. Confused. A failure. I know, I'm not there yet.

You have to try in order to fail! lol. My little attempt at humor...Annnnnyhoo

I guess I just have to get reacquanted and make it a bigger part of my life again. I've been lazy. I need to get my hands dirty. Had enough cliches? Me too.

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