Tuesday, October 9, 2007

If you don't like your view, find a new one

We all know that there are different ways to see and do things. Or at least, I hope we all do.

Now and then, we all need to pause and see if there is a different way to see something. It could be as simple as taking an extra five seconds to look at something in front of us or it could be as big is breaking down something to start all over.

Don't get in a panic, I haven't started over.

I did rewrite the introduction of my novel for an assignment for my class. I have to admit: It was good. The assignment to was to change the POV (point of view) used to something different. My novel is in 3rd person point of view (an unseen narrator that is attuned to one or more characters thoughts/feelings/actions) and I tried first person (writing as if I were the character). I used to write first person all the time. Its very personal, but has an easy flow for me.

Writing in first person gave my introduction a more familiar "voice" than it had previously had. It also opened my eyes to new directions the novel could go. Its not a change I'm absolutely going to make, but its interesting just the same. Same story, new view; go figure.

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