Sunday, September 23, 2007

One down down

I finished the short story! Yay! Now is time for crazy editorial processes. Fun, fun. Gotta rush it some because I need to mail it out this week! I enjoyed writing it. It was pretty free-ing. I also have to admit that some of the theme of the story is due to where I grew up and the types of cultures around me. Maybe if this one doesn't make it (though, here's hoping!) I'll post it on here so you guys can read it. Remind me in about 4 months. lol

So, my novel is looming. I've decided I will delve a little further into each secondary character's background a bit. I think it will help me understand where the story is going by looking where everyone has been. I already did it on one character several months ago and I got a pretty neat short story out of it. Who knows, by the time this is all done and written, I may have a new world on my hands much in the likes of Tolkien. Wouldn't that be great?

Okay, off to try to catch the ever-elusive zzz's. 8)

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