Monday, September 3, 2007

A game of Concentration anyone? Let me just find my brain..

I am so lacking in concentration and motivation lately. I write for a while, but I am easily distracted and having a hard time keeping myself working. I'm hoping it will pass because its making me nervous.

I am still writing every day. Its just that, when I reach a spot in one of the stories where the character stops doing something or ponders something, I stop. Instead of pushing on and walking them forward, I stall. I'm not willing to stop. I'm not willing to give myself an option to quit. But, its hard. Sometimes the lure of just vegging out in front of the tv or catching up on my reading or surfing the net are so powerful. Its easier to stand still than to keep taking steps, you know?

I also still have a need to write a new short story that I can mail out. I've got to keep spitting out these ideas or the atrophy and die. But, other than an idea that doesn't feel like a short story, I haven't had any. I had a flash of a scene in my head one night, but it was gone before I could study it.

I have that class coming up though, right? With that, I will have to keep motivated. I hate wasting money and refuse not to get every possible penny out of these classes that I can get. So, I guess for now I should just breathe and keep pushing. One foot in front of the other.

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