Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh, Mister Po-oo-oo-ostman!

Today, is a good day. Today I got a bit of reaffirmation in the form of a big white box with a funny logo on the return address that I recognized from the window of my kitchen.

I mentioned in the beginning that I had only ever had one success thus far with my writing and it was on the Wilde Times website (see links) by placing in a contest they did. This was about a year ago and their contest (first ever for them) ran into a snag with a plagiarism suit against one of the contest winners. They're good guys and I felt very bad for them. The first time they offer something like this to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer's community and they get smucked. How fair is that?

With everything that was going on with them, I kind of figured that might be the end and (mostly) pushed it out of my mind...until today. You see, that funny little logo is one of the cartoon characters from their website. I tried to breathe through my heart which had lodged itself in my throat, went to the door and got the package. I brought it back, opened it, and inside was this book....with MY name on it (along with 3 others, of course). I think my heart probably stopped for a second, then I called my mother. Various phone calls, IMs and emails have ensued since. I can't even describe this feeling. I know its not a huge book, and its not my own book...but its something amazing. It means that I can do this. This is a good day.