Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'll take an order of story with coffee to drink, please.

I had another respite of coffee-induced euphoric writing today. My wonderful hubby yet again had some bonding time with our little one while I meandered off to the coffee shop to write.

Again, I had a very fabulous, productive two hours. Ten days work today! No joke! I love it. The writing flowed from my fingers like water from a faucet. I can't believe how easy it felt. I love days like that.

I thought of something when I left though, that I thought I would talk about: What makes a writer successful? Is it skill? Gumption? Motivation? Determination? Networking? What? It scares me not a little to think that I will write and write and write just to end up with cds and pages of work that no one will ever see but the editors that send me rejections. I try not to think that way. I do write for the sheer joy it brings me, but I also want to think that someday I will share that with an audience. Again, I shift to the subject of Harry Potter....

To say I want to be J K Rowling is almost a needless statement. Who doesn't? Even non-writers want to be her! Her success is phenomenal. But, I say this not for her success (I'm serious, though it is a nice dream) but for what she has managed to produce. There haven't been too many books in my life that I mourned the end of. I did with the Harry Potter books. When I finished the last book, I was very sad. I wasn't sad due to story or things that happened or didn't happen. I was sad because it was like losing a friend. There will be no more books (and good for her, btw) and that is how I lose a friend. I know of the journey of Harry Potter and I can re-read it, but that journey has come to an end. Its hard to explain that to someone who doesn't love reading (passionately love!), but that's the truth. I feel like I'm in mourning because its all over. I have to say that I didn't want to read the last book. And once I started it, I didn't want to finish it as if not finishing it would hold the adventures forever in limbo...forever continuing.

I want to have my writing become that for someone. I want someone to read a story I've written and not want it to end; to be sad that it must end. I don't mean that as I want to cause someone pain, but I want to be able to impart such a big piece of myself onto someone that they feel as though they belong to the story and it belongs to them. Its a heady notion, let me tell you. Its just such an amazing thought to think that I could give someone else such a feeling. I only hope I can grow into such a role.


  1. Nice post; you are clearly much more dedicated to your writing than those of us who say we want to write, but end up watching reruns on VH1 while complaining we don't have the time. Or maybe that's jogging?

    Good luck; maybe Rowling + Salinger = Chabon?

  2. I noticed my link:) Thanks my old friend..not that you are old..actually I will be older than you in a month...ugh. I am glad you are loving your time to write!!

  3. Brendon: That's both really. I do that with jogging....writing, sometimes....catching up on email...hmm, this list is getting too long. Stopping now before I further incriminate myself. 8)

    Coll: You aren't old! And even if you were, NEVER ADMIT IT!!!! 8)

  4. I felt the same way as I finished Harry Potter. I wanted to put it down and never finish it yet I couldn't help but read on. I too mourned the ending of such a wonderful series that has made me laugh, cry, get angry, and so many more emotions. Harry Potter was not just a part of my life, but also of my entire families. My husband, my daughter, and my son have all enjoyed the books over the years and it has given us something to share, anticipate, and talk about. I can only hope that I may be able to do that again with another series...perhaps something that you have written. Love ya!