Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A few words can paint a thousand pictures...

I believe that. Yes, pictures are good, but what are they compared to the imagination and words that fire it?

I love writing description. I love sewing words together with fine little stitches done with measured care. Each word is selected for the best possible impact. Each thread is tied together to make a portion of something new and amazing. Each page connects to form something that stimulates (hopefully) many senses and leaves a lingering warmth like a great, soft quilt.

Yes, words are a blanket for me. They wrap around me and make me feel whole and loved and safe. Words are an embrace from a loved one; familiar and comfortable. Okay, so now that I've told you my odd emotional tie to writing, I will no longer be able to look any of you in the face again. No eye contact! Look away, please. If you ever want to see me, just re-read my words. ;)

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