Monday, August 20, 2007

But what I wanted to say was...

We all have those moments, right? Propriety takes over where rudeness might have. I'm here to tell you it all has a place.

I count myself as lucky in many aspects (obvious ones notwithstanding). One of these aspects is the ability to understand when propriety is the proper response. The other is still being able to say what I meant to say. Fictionally, of course. I love that. Someone can be outright nasty to me and I can hold my tongue while those rabid thoughts fly and seek to bite. I save them. I let it flow past knowing that I can put it down on paper and use it. I can channel annoyance, anger, rudeness, etc. I can put it in a little jar with some vinegar and let it grow more tart than it started.

Before you get to musing too far here, no. I did not have one of those moments today, but I almost did. I saw a scene that could have happened to me and my split reactions. One would have been smiling, sweet and helpful. The other would have flayed the skin from bone. Its heady to let go, even if you only do so on paper. It's freeing like therapy you don't have to pay for. We should all do it on occasion. Rude checker? Play the scene out on paper or write your thoughts in a journal. Someone cut you off on the road? Ram em (again, on paper)! It really does make you feel better to feel like you've gotten a bit of revenge without repercussions. We all bottle it up, but its nice to let it go a bit. Next time it happens, think of this and let yourself go a bit (ON PAPER or if you just don't write, a nice little daydream can suffice)! Thanks, that will be $300, no checks please. 8)

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