Saturday, July 21, 2007

A door in the wall...?

I find myself walled in, not by my story but by life. Again, I complain. Get used to it, already.

This weekend is hectic and though I think of writing, I am getting nothing done. I push my mind into my story, imagine one scenario or another and then my mind flutters away to my grocery list....or to-do list....or laundry.... *gets up and turns on the dryer*

I know I've been trying to learn that life cannot get in the way of writing, but what about your mind? Yes, 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes. Please, 15 minutes. Where is my 15 minutes of focus?!? Does this blog count? Does it matter that I've stopped and started about ten times? I honestly don't think tomorrow (hubby comes home, YAY!!!) will be any better. Perhaps I should just go with it and come back to it all on Monday? Does anyone have any suggestions for something small that doesn't take a lot of concentration that I can do?


  1. Try writing a song or a poem for one of your characters to use in the story somewhere, quick and easy

  2. How about I just spam everyone with random acts of description? lol

  3. Thanks for writing this.