Monday, August 11, 2008

On again off again, what a relationship

Okay, so I did check my external drive and yes, I lost a good amount of stuff. And yes, it took me this long to check. Did I lose everything? No. That's the beauty of saving files to more than one medium!

Yes, I'm writing. I'm not writing much. I did a decent bit of work last night and am at a semi-crossroads tonight. I've decided to slice into my novel. You see, I currently have two stories interwoven to create something much bigger. One problem I keep hitting on that is that I identify much more strongly with some characters than others. It is as if one story is fighting just a little harder to be told. I know from some advice I got from an author whose work I read voraciously that for your first novel, you cannot really sell it as a trilogy. Since one of an enmeshed story is crying out, I will fill that story in and flesh it out while surgically removing the other to complete later. I figure I will probably write this, then that then a third that joins them. I know there are enough antagonists to go around. *laughs*

I'm also starting college again this month. I see this not as an excuse to slack but a reason to fight harder to write. If I can write and go for my degree(s) simultaneously, there is no reason I can't finish a novel or two or ten. 8) Wish me luck and determination.

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