Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back in the face of the planet

Sorry its been so long! The last two weeks have been a crazy upheaval of life and my writing (and blogging) have suffered. But, it looks like things will be sorted and I may be able to get back to writing 7 days/week and blogging 6.

Updates, updates!

Well, I did get that short story finished and mailed off in time. I hope it will do well. I enjoyed it, so that's something. If not, it can add to my pretty pile of, "Not this time" and "Yeah, right!" letters. My favorite is one from this contest that actually has some personal writing on it from an administrator. Maybe that's part of why I refuse to give up.

The upheaval has nothing to do with my writing and everything to do with life. We've sold our condo/townhouse/whatever (in 3 days!!!!) and have chosen a new domicile to move into when we need to vacate this one. I think it will be lovely. There is much creativity to explore in this new home and it has a fabulous backyard where the little one and I will be able to play many games that involve us being magical creatures of some sort! I can't wait. She's already been bouncing between being a princess or some sort of creature for Halloween. A few times she's said she wanted to be a dragon (yay!!!) and sometimes it is a frog or turtle or kitty. Gotta love dreamers. Perhaps I should have her go as a princess and be the dragon myself? That could be fun. lol

Okay, off to try to recuperate a bit more from the craziness. I shall be back tomorrow barring natural disaster or just rabid need for chocolate. 8)

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