Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If you're lost...play hopscotch

So, I've been trying to find a way to keep myself immersed without getting hung up on different areas of my book. It hasn't been easy, but I decided that, despite the fact that I am the type of person who does things the same way every time, I would do something different.

It started with the night I had so much pent-up emotion and no way to expel it. No outlet meant I needed to create one, and I did. I skipped to a scene of conflict and it helped me. It also brought me further into the story while giving me new interest. It got my antennae up, if you will.

Writing a scene so out of place made me think that maybe forcing myself to write the beginning first, then the middle then the end without even the tiniest detour might not be my best way to go. That in mind, I wrote a new scene last night; one that had been floating around in my brain now and then. And it felt good. I was a ways away from where my chapters are, but not such a stretch that I would feel lost going back. I could even feel that a bridge could easily be made from where I am to where I'm writing to.

I won't say this is a new concept to me. I have heard that authors jump around sometimes in their work, but it never appealed to me. I always felt that if I jump around, I'll only be writing the exciting parts and the "boring" parts will be much harder to write later. Sort of like eating all your desert and then having to go back and eat a tepid version of a meal that you don't really care for. Not fun. But, it occurred to me that writing where I want when the desire comes to me not only helps me to get an idea down before its lost, but it may have the ability to make the non-exciting parts more....exciting. Sort of a bit of anticipation to what will come. What good is a new adventure without the anticipation to go with it?

Not really a Eureka moment, but pretty darn close. Stumbling through isn't so bad sometimes, huh? 8) ;)

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