Saturday, July 7, 2007


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Funny that the thought of doing this blog made me so nervous and now I look forward to it. Granted, it has only been one day.

I'm proud to say that I added three pages to my novel-in-progress last night. I continuously wonder how personable I'm making my characters. I want them to be complex but real. I want my audience to fall in love with them in some little way so they can cheer them on or empathize with whatever plights may befall them. At the same time, I want my characters to earn that love. Its strange, but that's how I feel.

I read Barbara Demarco-Barrett's blog yesterday and realized I hadn't seen the Amy Tan entry. ( Upon reading that, I found myself in agreement about talking too much about your works before they are completed. I've noticed I do lose my key to a world if I discuss it too much. That said, I hope no one cares that they will get nothing but musings and worries instead of tidbits of story. I don't think any story I write will be posted here unless they are picked up by contest/magazine/book and then you'll just get a link. *grin*

One thought I wanted to throw out there if anyone wants to comment.... If a story you read sparks an idea, does that make you feel guilty? Stay with me here... Sometimes when I finish a book it sets my mind on a new path from some instance or event that happens to the characters I just finished reading about. I'm not taking someone's idea, character, or whatever. I just mean getting a spin-off. I know as a writer I need to allow my creativity to flourish wherever it can and will, but I always feel like I should either:
a) send a thank-you note to the author for the idea (though, that could easily be misconstrued)
b) push away the idea and ignore it.

Where is that line?

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